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Launch Ceremony for “Special Fund for Health Professionals Care” Held in Changsha

2016.10.15 Size

On October 15th, the launch ceremony for “Special Fund for Health Professionals Care” was held in Changsha. It is the first special fund set up by Beijing Huatong Guokang Foundation (BHGF), designed to improve the mental and physical health of China’s healthcare providers and support the development of the healthcare industry in China. Hansoh Pharma invested seed funding into this foundation.


The health professionals in China are a group of people who revere life, save the injured, extend love without discrimination while being committed and devoted to rendering services. The program plans to ask the media to provide fair, real and objective coverage on the health practitioners to improve the understanding and confidence of the public. In addition, a care team comprised of renowned Chinese psychological experts was established to provide counselling and conduct various types of activities to convey comfort and support to the health practitioners.  


The launch of the fund is an epitome of Hansoh Pharma’s continuous efforts into its mission of “Serve the Society and Build a Healthy World” over the years. We have also been actively investing in other areas such as training and cultivation of medical talent, exchange and improvement of medical technologies, etc. In the future, Hansoh will continue to promote the development of health services in China and further implement our vision of “Live a healthy life with Hansoh”.