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“The Great Love• Mental Health” Carried Forward across the Whole World

2016.04.20 Size

On April 30th, “the Great Love • Mental Health” - Non-profit Special Fund for Mental Health is set up in Lianyungang. The ceremony was hosted by Wu Jieping Medical Fund and undertaken by media in healthcare sector, with more than 300 participants from the Mental Health Division of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, experts in the national mental health field, and sector media. Hansoh Pharma has donated RMB5 million to support the establishment of the foundation, , allowing more people to have correct understanding of mental diseases and more care for mental disorder patients and psychiatrist, to eliminate discrimination and bias as well as spread positive energy through multiple channels such as micro film.   


Ms. Fu Caiyun, Vice President of Hansoh Pharma, said in the ceremony that our nation’s mental health care has made fast progress, driven by joint efforts of the governments, pharmaceutical enterprises and health practitioners. Hansoh Pharma has been committed to the mission of “Serving the Society and Create Health”, aimed at providing branded drugs with great quality and reasonable price. Quality products such as Oulanning and Ameining are affordable and effectively helping patients get back to healthy life, saving medical cost totaled at tens of billions of Renminbi for the society.  


“The Great Love • Mental Health” is carried forward across the whole world. Hansoh Pharma has actively supported public welfare, strategically cultivated professional talents, helped improve academic level of doctors, and promoted the development of domestic healthcare over the years. As the principal of Kangning Hospital of Shenzhen Liu Tiebang said, “The Great Love • Mental Health” will unite all that can be united to promote the development of Chinese mental health care.