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Accelerate Benefits for Hepatitis B Patients! Hansoh Pharma's New Class 1 Drug Hengmu® (Tenofovir Amibufenamide Tablets) Prescribed for the First Time in China

2021.06.28 Size

Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group Company Limited ("Hansoh Pharma" or the "Company") has started to supply Hengmu® (Tenofovir Amibufenamide Tablets), a new Class 1 hepatitis B drug independently developed by Hansoh Pharma and approved for marketing by the National Medical Products Administration, to major hospitals and pharmacies across the country. On June 28, Professor Hou Jinlin, one of the principal clinical investigators of Hengmu® and director of the Liver Disease Center of Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University, prescribed the first prescription in China.

▲ Professor Hou Jinlin prescribed the first prescription of Hengmu® 

According to Professor Hou Jinlin, there are nearly 30 million people in need of treatment for chronic hepatitis B in China, but only less than 12% of the population have been treated; the launch of Hengmu® provides a new treatment option for patients with chronic hepatitis B. The 48-week Phase III registered clinical study of Hengmu® involving 1,000 subjects showed that compared to tenofovir disoproxil, Hengmu® requires less than one-tenth the dose to achieve similar antiviral efficacy, and delivers comparable antiviral efficacy as first-line drugs and better bone and kidney safety.


Hengmu® is the first oral anti-hepatitis B virus drug originally developed in China, and also the fifth new Class 1 drug independently developed by Hansoh Pharma, marking the Company's entry into the liver disease field. Hansoh Pharma has always been committed to meeting the unfinished medical needs in clinical practice. The Company keeps increasing investment in innovative R&D and launching more and better innovative drugs, so as to improve human health and quality of life and contribute to high-quality healthcare development.