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It's Available Now! Hansoh Pharma's New Hepatitis B Class 1 Drug Hengmu® (Tenofovir Amibufenamide Tablets) Started Nationwide Supply

2021.06.26 Size

On June 26, Hansoh Pharma's new Class 1 drug Hengmu® (Tenofovir Amibufenamide Tablets) started nationwide supply. Hengmu® is a new second-generation tenofovir independently developed by Hansoh Pharma, and also the first oral anti-hepatitis B virus (HBV) drug originally developed in China, for the treatment of adult patients with chronic hepatitis B. Compared with tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF), Hengmu® requires less than one-tenth the dose to achieve similar antiviral efficacy, and delivers comparable antiviral efficacy as first-line drugs and better bone and kidney safety. The launch of Hengmu® will provide a new option for the treatment of hepatitis B in China. 

▲ Hengmu® (Tenofovir Amibufenamide Tablets) 

▲ Good news for hepatitis B patients; Hengmu® started nationwide supply 

Hengmu® on the production line


▲ Strengthen lean management and provide whole-process drug quality and safety control to meet the medication requirements of hepatitis B patients with high quality

Hengmu® ready to go 

▲ Race against time to accelerate accessibility and ensure supply; loading of Hengmu® is under way in an intense and orderly manner.

First shipment of Hengmu® 

▲ In response to patients' expectations for a better tomorrow, boxes of Hengmu® are shipped to all parts of the country at full speed to protect patients' health with technological innovation.