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Seventh in China! Hansoh Pharma Again Ranked Among Top 100 Chinese Chemical Pharmaceutical Companies

2021.07.27 Size

Recently, the series lists of Top 100 Companies in China's Pharmaceutical Industry were officially announced. Jiangsu Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. ("Hansoh Pharma" or the "Company") was ranked 7th among Top 100 Chinese Chemical Pharmaceutical Companies with its excellent innovation drive and comprehensive strength, once again making its way into the top ten.

Strong "endogenous" independent R&D strength

Promote transformation through innovation, and pursue development through technology. Since its inception, Hansoh Pharma has regarded innovative R&D as the core strategy of its development. Through years of unremitting efforts, the Company has formed a "four-high" feature, specifically: high-focus R&D field, high-intensity R&D investment, high-quality R&D team and high-achievement R&D output. In 2020, Hansoh Pharma's R&D investment accounted for more than 14% of sales revenue, ranked top in China's pharmaceutical industry.

After more than 20 years of continuous high-intensity R&D investment, the Company's R&D strength has become stronger. Up to now, Hansoh Pharma has five Class 1 innovative drugs marketed, more than one hundred drugs under development, and more than 20 innovative drugs in the clinical stage, forming a rich pipeline; meanwhile, the Company has established R&D centers in Shanghai, Lianyungang and other places, and has made great efforts to recruit and train high-level technical talents, with more than 1,600 professional R&D personnel providing strong momentum for its innovation, transformation and upgrading.

Progress in the new track of biological drugs

With the launch of five new Class 1 drugs, including Ameile® (Almonertinib Mesilate Tablets) and Hengmu® (Tenofovir Amibufenamide Tablets), Hansoh Pharma has made great achievements in the field of small molecules, and at the same time, it has kept making efforts in the new track of biological drugs since 2020, with four biological drug applications accepted by CDE so far: one to be approved for production, one in clinical stage I, and two in IND process.

While engaged in innovative R&D, Hansoh Pharma has steadily pushed BD to go global. It has not only reached strategic cooperation with EQRx.Inc., Viela Bio and Terns Pharmaceuticals to integrate advantageous license-in/out resources, but also jointly established Blossom Biosciences with Cormorant Asset Management to realize platform incubation and further benefit patients around the world.    

As a leading innovation-driven pharmaceutical company in China, Hansoh Pharma upholds the corporate mission to "create excellence in pharmaceuticals, enhance innovation in China", focuses on the unmet clinical needs in major disease treatment fields including oncology, CNS, anti-infectives and diabetes, drives development through innovation, and keeps improving the health and quality of life of human beings with more innovative drugs.